Wonderful World of Weddings

Welcome to the world of weddings, whether you have been to a hundred weddings yourself or this is your very first encounter with this world im sure there will be things that surprise you, and you will now know of things you never thought existed, its 2015 and people are brining new ideas to the table every day!

If you have read 'How LJP Bridal Hair Works' you will know I am now a bride myself and am very much in the middle of all my plans. Being a bridal hair stylist I thought I had seen most varieties of weddings but whilst surfing the web for ideas and vendors for my big day my eyes have been opened my eyes to so many different, weird, wacky and wonderful new ideas. I dont know about you but I thought I new what we would have down to the tiny details but between pintrest and esty Im stumpted! there are so many ways to make your day special for you and your guests Its just finding how to choose between them!

Etsy - if you havent already come across it - now is the time! im sure there isnt anything they dont sell and even them ideas you have which you think will only be in your head will be being sold on Etsy im sure.

Just a little tip from me to you.

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