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THE DRESS Decisions, Decisions, Decisions .... most woman have been thinking about 'the dress' ever since they were little, and I am most certainly one of them, I really thought I knew what style I wanted and I thought that shopping for my wedding dress would be like a scene from Sex and the City but for me and around 90% of the brides I have worked with this has not been the case, you have 360 degree view of yourself all day, the shop assistant pulling you all over the place while adding accessories, bright lights showing off all your bad bits and all eyes on you! (even another bridal party on occasions) which is some peoples dream but not for me ... I thought I would spend weeks going to all different shops and having nice girlie days but I brought mine on the 2nd time I went shopping!

My dress is from Orange Blossom in Blacken, this was the 4th shop I went into, I wasn’t going to book an appointment here as nothing in the window has ever ‘caught my eye’ but never judge a book by its cover because I couldn’t be happier that I did as I can honestly say I felt so relieved to go into a shop where the ladies wasn’t selling /pushing anything – by this point I was pretty confused and the woman said I looked a bit scared! She let me go round looking myself and pick a few out, she and quietly picked up some herself and put them in the changing room, finally I was excited at the thought of finding my dress the last one for me was a winner, the lady said I should really go and sleep on it as she wanted me to be happy - so no purchase there and then! But as soon as I got in the car I called in the troops my sister in-law, my god mother and my mother in law to be and asked if they would meet me in the shop later that day if I could try it on again, so 3 hours later I went in and tried it back on – they all agreed it was ‘the one’ and I SAID YES TO THE DRESS … the lady only then because we were buying it on the day told us about the 10% off which she didn’t use as a sales technique just an additional bonus for us! I haven’t yet got my accessories but I thought id give myself a little break and do that once I go for my first fitting!


- If you’re not in a hurry, please sleep on it! The ladies in the shops can be pushy (as I said they really wasn’t in OB) but they always tell you if you buy it today you will get 10% off which is the case for most shops, it’s a very nice gesture but I promise if you go away because you cant decide between a dress in their shop and a dress down the road, they will try and meet your budget when ever you make the purchase!

- Take pictures if you can, I saw so many lovely dresses by the end of the day I forgot little details … I also took a book and wrote down what it was I liked and didn’t like about certain parts of my ‘short list’

- Only take 1 other person on your first trip, try to narrow it down to 2/3 dresses then it’s time to take In your bridal party – its a lot more overwhelming than I ever imagined and I’m really pleased it was just me and my mum on the first trip! I was then confident enough to go in and try on my options and let my sister in law, god mother and soon to be mother in law tell me there thoughts – they all loved the same one and it made my decision for me!

- Do try and enjoy it! I know I haven’t painted the best picture but once I got into the right shop and I felt like I could breathe I felt a lot better and had a big smile on my face for the first time that day!

- If you have a specific hair style in style before shopping which is you must have then remember to bare this in mind – if you want your hair down - don’t get a heavy jeweled top as hair gets caught and your dramatic design wont be seen!

- Go with your style, if your having a 1 should Grecian dress, go with plats and twists, if your having a 50s dress try out a victory roll or a beehive, 40s style go with a finger wave, equally I know majority of brides don’t want to steer away from the norm which I totally understand and think ill be playing it safe myself but on your trial don’t be afraid to experiment … J

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