High Street Product Of The Month!! September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in my bag of goodies I have 2 beautiful, amazing, cant live with out Mason Pearson hair brushes, these cost £50 & £80 each ... so they certainly dont come cheap! But in July I done a wedding in Ireland and I was so gutted when i got home and realised I left my large brush in the bridal suite. So not having £80 cash flow for replacing the brush i decided i needed to look for a temporary alternative and FOUND THIS ... I always new of the denmark collection but never really took too much notice as the hair white tooth brush reminds me of when my mum used to attempt to style my hair when I was yonger and it brings back nightmares but in my search i found this soft 'mason pearson style' brush £15.00. I brought it, got it home and tried it out! I was so please to find out the difference between the brishes were £65 and the paddel size, dont get me wrong I still stand by the MP brand and will be re purchasing but this Denmark brush is a great addition to my goodie bag and i even brought one for my own hair!

The brush is used for teasing and smoothing, it can create a multitude of styles and really helps secure the hair!


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