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To do & Guest List!!

As soon as I was back from my holiday where i got engaged i recieved some gifts from my family, which included the A5 Bridal magazines which we have always stared at longinly when picking up our Now and OK's! ... These all have fab ideas, great pictures for insperation and some very good websites to visit BUT what they usually have in the middle is a 'what to do when' guide DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS GUIDE who ever made it had never planned a wedding im so sure of it! I think they use a generic guide for each magazine because they all seem very simlar. The prices are also really wrong in these magazines too! some say invites should cost more than bridesmaid dresses and others say make up and hair should cost as much as the mens suits!! so girls have a look at these magazines for insperation but be guided by what you hear from real brides in regards of booking and buying things!!!

I believe you can plan a wedding in 9 months very comfertablly but I think you should do your 'to do and when to do it' list based on other brides experiences! ... Each bride is different and has there own list of prorities and ideas of whats most important but i think like all big things in your life - do it your way but always be guided by experiences of others.

I think first things first get your budget, then break it down of each thing you want/need ... and then create your guest list, find a venue suitable to you, your budget, number of guests and theme then everything else will flow.

TIP: Creating your guest list unless you are having immediate family only is possibly the toughest task yet, the polotics whether you can you have aunty Jean with out having cousin Bob and if you invite that one you without having to invite there brother and three wives, do you invite children?, and it goes on and on! But honestly have exactly who you want there, people understand more these days that you cant have everybody and its very important you have who you both feel like need to be apart of you becoming husband and wife and be apart of the ceromony. If your having an evening guest like you can invite everybody else to come and celebrate with you they will know its not because you all ofa sudden dont like them and personally i love going to the evening of the wedding and feel special if somebody invites me ... if your getting married abroad and can only have the same guests all day then i suggest having a 'drink' when you get back home if you cant afford another lavish do, decide on a nice pub where you can meet everybody, anybody who wants to join you in celebrating the new mr and mrs will be there with a big smile on there faces!!!


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