High Street Product Of The Month!!!! November!!

BIG bouncy blowdries are something every girl strives to DIY but its just not something that seems humanly possible to do on yourself!!! Im giving away a tip that i probably should keep to myself BUT seen as its almost the season to be jolly Im feel like i should!

If you want just a flicky style with bounce : this may seem obvious but you would be surprised - make sure your hair is nice and brushed. then section your hair as you would to put in rollers, so the same length as the roller and one inch thick pull the hair verticallly and roll into your head - to make sure you get a good roll pin it in at the bottom! once you have done this with all your hair put the hair dryer to a high heat but only medium power setting and in the direction with a nozzle apply the heat to it for 5-7 seconds. leave for as long as possible and DO NOT GET WET!! you should take them out one at a time starting with the lowest rolls. Once you have taken them out shake your head spray and tease the crown!! TADA.

if you want a curled style do all of the above BUT with GHDs or tongs curl and cool the hair before rolling!

The Sleep in rollers are good for having them in for a while as they are nice and light!!

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