Capturing the moments you never want to forget!!

All vendors are extremly important to make up your idea of the perfect day!!! Hair dresser, Make up artist, DJ, Chef etc but the one vendor who w

ill be the reason you will remeber all the other vendors, the moments of anticipation, laughter, speeches and dancing is the Photographer, They are there in the background for parts you wont even know are going on! they will take 10 shots of just one moment of laughter which could be put in a frame for the next 60 years and hopefully more!! And they will take photos that will take your mind right back to that moment!

I truly believe when choosing a photographer you should do some homework ... BUT seen as you have over 100 things left to do on that never ending to do list I can hopefully help you, as I have done all the homework for you!

I am very pleased to announce that i am teaming up with the very telanted Selina Photography!!

I first met Selina at my brothers wedding 2013, the weather was typically english and rained all day but Selina tried all different ways to get the shots they wanted ... and when they got the photos back they were stunned at the amount of fantastic photos she had managed to get get regardless of the weather, there will always be the 'stand there' and 'say cheese' photos which always make for great frame fillers but Selina really did manage to remind us of 'real' moments, the laughter and happy tears ... and she got some photos of my nephew who was 7 months old at the time which were unbelievable, Selina has the ability to capture the moments that you never want to forget, which i believe is THE most important thing for your wedding

. I have followed her work ever since and have always thought when i start a family I will be getting a shoot with her asap!

So! if you you are looking for a photographer and are wondering where to start, id look no further!!

Please let me know if you would like her details :)


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