Wedding season has begun!! sorry we've been quiet!

So wedding season is in full swing, the websites had a spring clean, and im in the last section of preparing before my own wedding so I have been quiet on the blogging front IM SORRY!!! ... so I thought I would release a few of my top tips just as a thank you for being patient!

The bouncy blow dry - This is something that doesn't seem to be loosing its spot as top do for a night out at the moment ... understandably everybody has things to pay for and save for which means not always being able to afford to get it done - so for the lower key events that you want the bounce but need DIY why don't you try a GHD curl and some heated rollers!! it gives the same effect with a lot less effort BUT if you have the ability and patience to blow dry with a round brush the trick is you can never go over it too much! more heat the better!!! you might not have 10 brushes to leave in your hair until it cools so use a bobby pin instead, roll the hair around your fingers and pin in a loop until its cooled. Release and shake - TA DA

Boho Curls - trick is don't be scared to rough it up! once your curls have set and cooled right down just use your hand to run through the curls and style until your hearts content... just adding a simple twist or plait around the crown of your head will add the final touch to ensure you get the boho look you desire!!

Straight and Sleek - Hair Serum has been given a bad name by heavy handed hairdressers and teenage years when we really didn't know how to use it!! ... if your going straight and sleek I really do believe serum is one of 3 of your best friends, dry your hair 2/3 of the way, add a 20p size puddle of serum in your hand and rub your hands together as if it was hand cream, then run through your hair not missing the underneath part, finish blow drying the a paddle brush and the apply a straightening iron! ... any flyaway bits can be sprayed and flattened and then you will be good to go with advert shiny hair


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