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*** Totally Free High Street Product of the Month!! July ***

July 11, 2016


Have you ever looked at those LA babes with flowing beach waves?! well recently the big hair product companies have been promoting there own products to give you this result!! which is great as they really do work if you know how and you can also use them for hair up styles if your hair is naturally silky smooth (by just blow drying some into you hair) ... my favourite expensive brand is bumble and bumble for this and it really lasts and high street is boots Tony & Guy! but you can totally do this yourself with your kitchen essentials!!! Here's how:


Step 1: get your self a spray bottle (if you an old cleaning product bottle properly you could use this but ensure you have it squeaky clean before recycling, otherwise they are around £1)

Step 2: Boil the kettle and let it cool to a warm temperature ... Put a level table spoon full of sea salt into the bottle (based on a 500 ml bottle) and fill the bottle up to about 3/4 with the warm water and shake well until salt dissolves

Step 3: Either melt coconut oil or use olive oil (teaspoon full) and combine with hair gel (or leave-in conditioner both work well) mix well into a separate bowl, then add the mixture to your spray bottle and again shake it up!

Step 3:  If you have any essential oils, add 2/3 drops for scent and extra goodness.

Step 4: Shake up each time before use and you have your very own Sea salt spray for that beach ready hair



PLEASE NOTE - you hair will never feel 'nice' after using this, you will never get that 'after a fresh hair cut' feel BUT you will look like you have strolled off of a beach in Miami - just need some roller blades, denim hot pants and roller blades !!! .....


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