We did it! I'm now a Mrs ...


I am now LJF!! and now have some tips and tricks on how to stay calm and let the excitement over ride the nerves on your big day (although no tips to keep away the tears as I tried my hardest and it just didn't work) ... I now know that when people say its the best day of your lives - they really aren't lying, marrying your best friend and having everybody that you love there to witness and celebrate with you is something you will never ever forget and gives you a feeling you really cant explain - its amazing! it makes me even more excited for my up and coming and furture weddings.

And YES I along with one of my oldest dearest friends done my own hair, I forgot the main thing I needed for it so ended up going for something different on the morning but hay ho you just have to go with what happens on the day!

A lot of people have been asking for photos, so - here are some that I have been sent . We haven't had the high resolution professional photos yet but when I do ill post them on my facebook page for those of you that would like to be nosey (and lets face it ladies - we all do).

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