A keepsake from me!

So after receiving an influx of messages from you the beautiful brides starting the 2017 wedding boom, I have made note that although in this day and age we are never 5 minutes away from the world wide web, there are those odd occasions where you aren't able to access my website due to signal or just plainly don't want to have your phone in your hand constantly! but find yourself in need of a reminder of the all important cost SO I have decided to create a printable/keepable price list for you to store with all your wedding notes etc!

Would like to thank Graham Baker from http://grahambakerphotography.com/ for this lovely photo of one of my brides from 2016 - I think its a really special memory for both my bride and I - make up done, hair being finalised and almost time to become a Mrs, these are the most exciting times for me and the time when I realise just how lucky I am to be apart of such a special moment.

I hope this helps ladies...

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